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火花机加工Introduction to discharge process technology in Hanspark’s sparker (EDM) application field

Two electric conductors (electrodes/work pieces) immerged in insulated fluid are connected with switchable direct-current power supply. When electricity is on, the voltage (anode/cathode) occurs between electrode and work piece. 

When the interval between electrode and work piece is shortened to a certain limit, voltage discharge arises, to form sparks. Wherever hit by the sparks, large amount of heat melts the metal. Such sparks, one after another, asynchronously cut the material into required shapes. The effective discharge process needs hundreds of thousands of sparks even in one second.

mould-shaping process by electric sparks

In moulding process by electric sparks, a tri-dimensional electrode is used to shape the required work piece. By the superposition movement of Axis X,Y,Z,C , shapes of groove and cavity can be processed, as well as the process that other techniques can’t do at all.

Strong process technology

Modern electric process equipments have outstanding efficacy: quick process speed, high automation efficiency, large processing program storage capacity and one hundred percent of the process real-time monitoring and automatic calibration, the unmanned operation can be realized.

Main application fields:

1. Automobile manufacture

Produce complex auto parts and moulds used to process plastic piece, casting, forging or punch pieces. Mainly intervene with early stage of production; shortening of product life circle and lower cost make higher requirements on production flexibility and integrative process, no error is allowed. Maintaining cooperative partners needs trust, reliability and cooperation.


Produce high-quality parts。

Such elements as new rules, individual needs, special region, continual product improvement, peculiar and new materials, require manufacturers to successively produce new samples. Though elasticity is required, prospective risks still exist; nevertheless, finishing samples processed in schedule can still make you a winner.

3. Aeronautics and Astronautics

Manufacture complex precision parts with high-temperature and heat-resisting alloy, titanium alloy, aluminium and other materials.

Costly inspection, authorization system, production rules and low-machinability materials are the challenges in processing parts for aeronautic and astronautic applications. Super performance requirements, innovation and safety are of equal importance; meanwhile low-cost is more and more emphasized. 


火花机加工4. Medical implants and appliance

Manufacture human body implants and appliance made of stainless steel, titanium or general materials.

Biocompatibility of materials and special requirements for medical environment are of definite influence on production methods and process course. Taking new methods means to take high investment, but it is a new trend.

5.Electronics and mechatronic industry

To be applied to batch process tools and dies of plastics, alloy cast and punches, as well as the base plate parts or elements of high-quality electric appliances.

The life circle of electronic products is so short, that strong process agility and short processing time are required. Therefore, handwork must be avoided. Process control and automation are indispensable. A new process is the start of an innovation, and also the prerequisite of the competitive power.


Applied to die-casting and blow-moulding to process disposable packaging, disposable articles, staple products and individualized design products.

The family daily life needs various things, unique design and customers’ demands require continually developing new manufacture technology. Something that seems worthless might be of surprisingly large production consumption, and of unimaginable requirements for precision.

7. Leisure and sports

To be applied to produce parts made of aluminium, plastics, alloy steel or other materials, and injection mould, aluminium die-casting mould and punch mould.

The popular trend of sports and leisure is generally connected with new designs; the earlier the product comes into the market, the more interest it can be of.  The speed and agility of process are the most important.

8. General process

Produce multipurpose parts of different materials.

The time length of process is the basic measure for the process of such products. Compared with automation and reliability in large batch production, process agility, and time-set of clamping are of the same importance to a single-piece process or small batch processes.

9. Luxury products

Process precision parts, luxury products or individually design products with materials of stainless steel, brass, titanium or noble metals, as well as moulds for batch production of top rated products.

 Peculiar materials, tiny details, perfect making and customers’ high prospect are the special difficult problems. These special requirements need proper consideration and unique core technology.

10. Energy industry

Process key parts of high heat-resistant alloy and moulds used for semi-finished product manufacture.

Complex configuration and special material features requires proper production processes and methods. The further development of cutter, machine tool and machining process makes process more and more rationalized. The productivity determines the feasibility of their process.

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