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Facing achievements and honors, Hanspark people have not stopped the steps forward, however, Hanspark people, in the fierce competitive market, choose to march towards the torrent; by independent innovation and continuous improvement, manufacture SP series of ultraprecise EDM machine tool, and HE series of large-scale precise EDM machine tool; the two products have been internationally advanced among like products, filling in the blank of domestic advanced EDM machine tool,  which depended on import before. Hanspark’s HSPK series products have gained consistent praises from customers with the features of stable operation, high precision, low maintenance cost and perfect post-sale service.


 μm level working accuracy  


           Super precision EDM finished model workpiece                  


                          Mirror EDM finished model workpiece                             

  Super Mirror EDM  

  Multi-dimensional EDM finished model workpiece

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+86 13671742575