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Even to this day, EDM machine tool, as a key technology, has been applied to the production process of almost all durable consumer goods in our daily life, e.g. the process of complex mould and punch tools of European auto manufacturers, also the process of all precise parts of USA telecommunication satellites.

Our customers include not only small and medium size tools manufacturers, but also multination large enterprises. With the customers’ requirements of time limit, lower cost, complicated shapes and shorter product circle, as well as the development trend of applying new materials, they are meeting those challenges in productivity. The manufacture process for traditional parts shall be more and more restricted by feasibility boundaries.

The EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) process is the key technology in manufacture field. Nowadays, the EDM moulding process technology can effectively make recreation to frequently-changing new order forms. From simple cavity to highly complicated high-precision cavity; from hot die steel to high strength beryllium copper (Moldmax), even to hard alloy and Amcolloy alloy; processes from only several minutes to long-lasting processes across the weekend, Hanspark offers proper types of EDM moulding process machine tools, to meet the needs of your economical or quality requirements, saving time for you, and improving your flexible production capacity.

Our main products:ZNC single-axis EDM shaping machine, CNC Precision Mirror EDM shaping machine, Big-size Dual-head Mirror EDM shaping machine Call: +86 13671742575
+86 13671742575