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HE series of CNC-EDM double ox-head mirror machine tool


Time:2011-6-8 15:11:56 Source:上海汉霸机电有限公司




Work table size(L*W)(mm) Travel(mm) Max.electrode weight(Kg) Max.Workpiece weight(Kg) Distance from plate electrode to work table(mm) Power input(KVA) Work slot(L*W*H)(mm) Tank capacity(L) Machine weight(kg) Machine Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)
X Y Z max min
Single head    Dual head
 4000×1200  4000  2500/2000  700(800)  500(600)  200(300)  26000  1300(1400)  800  13+13  5000×2000×850  2160(10100)  15000 6500×6150×3850

(Specifications can not be used as contractual basis , in possible change suject to upgrade)

Function Features Numerical control power supply device
  Self -adaptive Electro Discharge Machining control   Touch Screen 15 Inch LCD
  Timing Hi-speed Tool Lift and Lift height Control   USB Data Input and Output
  Spindle position control; spark gap inspection   Mirror Finishing & Special Circuit for Finishing Hard Alloy
  Oil level control   AUTO Processing Function Unit
  Fire control   Auto positioning Function Unit
  Automatic alarm security device   High Speed and High Precision Processing System
  Carbon deposition proof Automatic   arc clearance circuit unit
  CNC System,Touch Screen Input,Manual Control Box   Expertized Technology Database System
  The automatic measurement in the machine   CNC Instruction,Standard G Code,ISO Code
  Ultra precision surface process   Power Reset, Error Message
  Super fine edge processing  
  Import Panasonic Servo System with axises X, Y, Z  
  Stainless steel material wear-resisting side design  
  Minimum Electrode Loss 0.10%  
  Best surface roughness Value : Ra0.2um  
  Highest production efficiency : 400mm³/min(standard configuration) 1000 mm³/min(Adaptive)  
  Minimum drive measurement : 1μm  


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